Full Name:Richard Abidin Breen
Nickname:Abs - after his Turkish middle name Abidin
Date of Birth:June 29 1979 (Cancer)
Place of Birth:Enfield
Current Residence: Camberley, Surrey, England
Eyes:Brown, with a hint of green around the bottom
Height:5' 9" (1.75m)
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Parents:Turkish Dad, Turan & half-Irish Mum, Kay
Dislikes:Smoking (especially while eating), drugs, drinking and fake people
Hobbies: Video games, fishing, music, being with family/friends, watching movies, swimming
Earliest memory: Unwrapping his best Christmas present which was a pink tracksuit with Michael Jackson's face on it
Ideal Woman:The woman he loves (has green eyes, blond hair and isn't too tall)
Girlfriend: Dannielle (over 15 months)
First girlfriend: Dannielle
Underwear: Any boxer shorts, Calvin Klein
Previous Jobs:None
Previous Bands:None
Sleepwear: Boxer shorts
Car: Renault Megane
Childhood Hero:Michael Jackson
Fave Book:No particular one
Fave Food:All types, especially his mum's Shepherd's Pie!
Fave Babe:His girlfriend, Danielle Brent (Gina Patricks from Hollyoaks)
Fave Sport:He likes all sports.
Fave Spice:Not a fan
Fave Place:EuroDisney
Fave Boxers:He's not worried about the label. He's had one pair for almost 2 years now. They are white silk with little red hearts all over them.
Fave Hang-out:Bed
Fave Accessory:His bracelet. It was given to him for getting into 5ive.
Fave Take-away:Chinese
Fave Cuddly Toy:Zebby (a zebra - his girlfriend has had it since she was 2 so it's got a really long history). He's had it for about a year now and he cuddles it when he can't cuddle her. He keeps it at home because it's so precious and it lives on the top of his cupboard.
Fave Sleeping Position:Flat on his back
Fave Romantic Moment:Walking down a street in Paris on Christmas Day in the rain with his girl
Fave Record Of All Time :'Down Low' - R. Kelly
Fave Part Of The Female Body :All of it!!
Fave Part of his body: Eyebrows
Fave Perfume on a lady: Jean Paul Gaultier
Fave Smell: Lemon
Fave CD: Bobby Brown
Fave Subjects at school: Art and Drama
Least fave school subject: Geography
Best Buy :A pocket game for 50p down the market
Worst Buy :A pair of 250 contact lenses that blew away in the wind
Worst Habit :Hasn't got one
Worst Haircut :Everyday is a bad hair day. He has mad hair as soon as he wake up in the morning.
Worst Job ever Had :Helping his mum in a laundrette
Worst Record Of All Time :'MMMBop' - Hanson
Singing Since :He was little.
When He Was 5 :He thought he was Michael Jackson
Loves Girls Who :Are feminine
Hates Girls Who :Love themselves
Top Footie Hero :David Beckham - He'd like to take him on and win at FIFA '98 on his Playstation!
Top Footie Team :He loves the World Cup!
Musical Relatives :His mum sings, his dad and uncles all play instruments.
Most Like To Meet :No one in particular
Has Rude Thoughts :Only when he's dying for a snog and then it's approximately every 5 minutes. Says he's not as obsessed with saucy thoughts as the others.
Describes Himself... :I've just discovered I have big mood swings. I'm also a bit of a romantic.
Describes J... :He's the daddy. He makes sure we get up in the morning and we're where we should be but he's not the boss. Oh no.
Longest Kiss :He's never timed the length of his kisses but he'd had some real passionate smoochers.
Biggest Regret :Hasn't got one
Biggest Extravagance :Running outside in the street with his only boxer shorts on in the rain, trying out his new radio control car that he got for Christmas.
Proudest Achievement :Getting into Italia Conti Performing Arts College
Monthly Mobile Phone Bill :100,000,000,000...
Shares A Hotel Room With :Scott. Both of them likes to go to bed earlier than the others.
Most Embarrassing Moment :When his mum pulled down his trousers and smacked his bum in front of his friends. He was about 8 at the time.
Strangest Place Ever Snogged In :A forest on a school trip
Maddest Thing Ever Done For Love :No one thing but he'd do anything for the girl he loves!
One Thing He'd Change About Himself :Mood swings


Sex :Is better if you love the person you're doing it with!!
Love :Thinking of the person every minute of the day and wanting to be with them
Fame :I'm still trying to get used to it but I don't think I ever will
Sport :I like playing it on my Playstation!
Music :I'm into anything with a big bass
Money :Gimmee, Gimmee, Gimmee!
Politics :I don't really understand the games that go on, but I liked John Major's hairstyle!
Women :They're great but they cost you loads
Fashion :My favourite type of clothing is casual everyday stuff
Drinking :I only drink non-alcoholic drinks, but I love watching the others get drunk.
Homelife :I'm a Cancerian so I love being at home with friends and family and try to get back whenever I can.
On 5ive :What a bunch of lunatics


"How do I know I'm in love. I dunno, Danielle is the first and last thought of the day. She's just always on my mind."


He has two cockatiels as pets, Kiwi and Banana.
He always carries a Turkish eye with him for luck.
He reckons he has premonitions and psychic abilities.
Abs once tried to join an online chat on 5ive's website. But no one believed him when he logged on with, "Hi, this is Abs!".
On doing a 200ft bungee jump he says it was the worst feeling in the world. "My eyes were bulging out of their sockets."
Playstation mad, once asked what he'd do if he had 5 minutes to live, he replied without hesitation 'Play Playstation!'. He is often up till 3am perfecting his score!
He is a dab hand at ballet dancing - says he got into it because he was the only lad in a class full of girls in leotards. He wore the tights but he totally refused to sport the jockstrap.
He bought a pair of coloured contact lenses that will make him look like a bit of a tiger.
If Abs wasn't in 5ive and he had to choose another band to be in it'd be the Bee Gees.
Abs cries when he's stressed out and when he misses his girlfriend. "Yesterday, I was really stressed out. I decided to go for a walk and I ended up sitting on a park bench. I was about 10 minutes away from home and there was nobody around, so I sat there and had a cry, but as soon as I started crying it started raining and I was like, 'Noooooo! It can't get any worse!' By the time I'd walked home I was soaked, drenched, and really depressed. It's just it all gets on top of me sometimes, but I feel better now. I sound like a manic depressive, don't I?! 'When was the last time you cried?' 'Last night!'"
He cried when he watched Titanic.
He used to think he was Michael Jackson and dressed up as him.
He changes his underwear everyday.
He calls his hair "Andy and Steve" because his hair is cropped and slicked forward, and people called Andy often have cropped hair and Steves often have slicked hair.
The first thing he looks at when he sees a girl is her face.
Abs shaves his chest because he doesn't want to be hair like his dad. "I have done for a while 'cos I don't want to be like my dad - he's so hairy, it's all over his hands, just everywhere. He should have been in 'Gorillas in the Mist!'
He started shaving his face when he was 13.
He wants to get a tattoo.
He doesn't like his nickname. "My friends have always called me Abs. I only ever got called Rich at drama school cos my mum wanted me to use my posh name. Actually I don't like Abs. I might change my name to Leonardo."
Abs likes natural, down-to-earth girls.
He wears hats because "every day is a bad hair day."
He's the one who answers the door at their house.
He has the worst room in the house, and sleeps in the basement while the other guys sleep upstairs.
He daydreams a lot. "Every now and then I'll just go into a stare - people will be talking to me, but I won't notice. The other day I was daydreaming about the Oscars and I was standing right next to Jack Nicholson!"
If Abs had five minutes to live he would spend it playing Playstation.
Abs used to tell him mum people fancied her. "She'd fall for it every time. I'd say 'So and so up the road really likes you, you can tell,' and she'd look all pleased. But it was never true - I just did it to see what she'd do. I used to do it to my mates as well. I'd never do it now - it was stupid!"
When he was seven, he grabbed a girl by her hair and swung her round and round in the playground.
In his wallet, he has pictures of the band, his girlfriend, his cousin Izzy, and his fave car.
He's half-Turkish and half-Irish.
He once knew a girl who was afraid of spiders and made her faint. "For some reason I once got a bit of black fluff in my hands and threw it at her, and she fainted because she thought it was a spider! Her mum came down the stairs saying, 'What's going on!' and I said, 'I don't know, I didn't do anything!"
Abs got into stage school by lying that he was a professional dancer.
He's very faithful to his girlfriend.
Abs dislikes smoking and drinking.
He used to have really bad hair. "I used to go around thinking, 'Yeah, this is cool,' but now when I look at pictures of it I think, 'Mum, why did you let me go around like that?!'
His bedroom carpet is blue.
He's a light sleeper, and according to Rich, he taps the lid of the CD player beside him open and shut in his sleep.
Sometimes he goes out without wearing any underwear.
The first people he saw kissing were his cousin and her boyfriend.
I was being babysat by my cousin and her boyfriend when I was eight and they started snogging! I pretended I was engrossed in He-Man but really I was watching them. She caught my looking in the end, but she just said, 'You don't mind, do you?' and carried on!
Abs and Scott are the most romantic in the group.
They go home to their parents a lot.
People think Scott and Abs sound very alike.
They used to share a room in their old house.
When Abs was in school he was more interested in playing Kingball than in girls.

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