Abs in Biscuit Tin

Will the valentine's Biscuit Tin be a heart-stopping experience for Abs 5ive?


1. Are you ever misunderstood?
No, because I always try to make myself understood, and try to do it the less... (He stops and thinks. the Hits look at him in a puzzled way). I'm talking complete crap, aren't I? That's a hard question! I guess that if I'm always being myself, then I'm always being understood, yeah?

2. When was the last time you fell over?
Yesterday. I was leaning back on my chair and it tipped backwards. I didn't hurt myself, though!


3. What's the most romantic thing you've ever done?
The year before I joined 5ive, I didn't have any money or a job or anything. But I saved up for me and Danielle (His girlfriend who plays Gina in Hollyoaks) to go to EuroDisney for Chrisymas. It took me ages, but I went without everything to save up. It felt really good to be able to do it. Am I a romantic kind of person? Well, I've been told I am, so yeah!

4. If you could rule the world for one day, what would you do?
I'd get a plane and go eveywhere! But then waste the whole day travelling, wouldn't I? I mean I''d like to go to Australia, but that'd take up the whole day! So I'd probably just sit in my room, play with my Playstation and do the things I do now. I'm quite happy doing what I'm doing!

5. Know any good jokes?
I only know dirty ones! Umm... OK, a man goes to the doctor and says 'Doctor, Doctor, there's something wrong with my arm!' So the doctor looks at it and the arm says, 'Oi, Doctor, can you lend me 20 quid?' 'A-ha,' says the doctor to the man. 'I know what's wrong with your arm - it's broke!'

6. If you were an alien, what would you look like?
(Excited) I'd have a small head, bad-boy wraparound eyes, a slick hairstyle, massive fangs, no nose, and holes for ears. I'd be a pretty mean alien, and I'd kick ass big time!

7.What films make you cry?
Films where I can put myself in the situation. Ghost made me cry 'cos it's well sad. In general I try not to watch that makes me cry.

8. Have you ever snogged another famous person?
Never. Is there anyone I'd like to? No, I've only got eyes for my baby (but she's famous, Abs). I want everyonr to know that. She's coming back from holiday tommorow after 3 weeks - I'm gonna go mad!

9. Have you ever been caught in an embarrasing situation?
I don't get embarrassed that easily. I wouldn't even if I fell over on the street or was caught with my trousers round my ankles! But I do get a bit embarrased when people say things like 'Aah, he's blushing.' Everyone starts looking at you, then it builds up and then I do get really embarrassed

10. Have you ever been caught picking your nose?
Nah, and I wouldn't be embarrassed anyway. I'd do it blatantly, then wipe it on to the person next to me, haha!

11. What's the most annoying question you get asked?
(Looks annoyed) There's two: 'Are there five of you?' and 'Are you called Abs because of your abs?' I mean, what am I supposed to say? 'No, it's not 'cos of my abs - it's 'cos I'm really fat!'?


12. Have you ever snogged a mate's girlfriend?
(Shakes his head) Never. That's not me at all. And I'm glad I don't have friends who'd do that to me. It's nasty.

13. Who was the last pop star you met?
Brian out of East 17. I was at our record company the other day and he was there. I just walked up to him and said, 'All right, Brian? How's it going?' Then we had a little chat. He was a really cool geezer.

14. Do you believe an army marches on it's stomach?
(Looks very confused) What? You mean, can I work better if I've eaten? Yeah, I can concentrate better when I'm full. I don't eat a lot, but I do need something to keep me going.

15. Who's the sexiest woman on the planet?
(Immedately) Danielle. It's true! Even after all this time I fancy her loads. Every time I see her, I tingle and she brings a smile to my face. We met at stage school and getting together happened gradually. It's really cool and she totally understands about the band and everything

16. When was the last time you caught the bus?
Yesterday! I was travelling from Heathrow Airport to Bethnal Green, and eight or nine fans sat with me all the way, just chatting. I still travel around on the tubes and busses. If I'm recognised by people, I'll talk to them - it's nice. I don't want to become all pop star-ish and be chauffeur-driven everywhere!

17. Would you ever have plastic surgery?
Never. I'm happy with the way I look. If I need to change something, I'll just do more exercise. I did two hundred sit-ups yesterday! I've been eating a lot of junk food recently, so I'm to getting back into shape.

18. Do you believe in life after death?
Yeah, I don't believe in reincarnation or anything, but I believe there's life after death. I don't reckon we come back in other people's bodies, or as a bird or anything, but I believe your soul carries on to another place. Some people believe your body is just lent to you, so you have to, look after it and not get tattoos and stuff. But I'm not preaching - I want a tattoo. I want a little dragon on my chest.

19. Are you a lover or a fighter?
I'd fight for love. My girlfriens the same. We were at a train station one time and we were messing around and pretending to fight with a paper. Then the paper flew out of my hand and hit this bloke. But when I went to appologise, he started on me! So Danielle came over, ready to have a go at him! It's nice to know she's always there for me.

20. What's the best thing about being in love?
Everything. When you're in love everything's cool. You wake up in the morning with a smile on your face. You go through the whole day laughimg and joking, and when you're upset, you've got someone to talk to. Whenever I go away, I always know I've got someone to come back to, and I can look forward to the future... Before I fell in love, I never thought I could be in love - I never thought I was that sort of person. But as soon as you're in love, it's... weird. I can't explain love, except to say it's a good thing, a strange thing... a weirdy thing!

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