The Munch Bunch

Grubs up! But what really makes our 5 favourite mouths water?

What's your fave takeaway?
J: It goes through phases of being Chinese and Indian
Sean: Chinese, Indian, chips and curry sauce... whatever lands in front of me really
Scott: Pizza. I'm the most fussy eater in the world. All I eat is pizza, beans, chips and burgers. My fave pizza is cheese, tomato and ham

What do you eat at midnight feasts?
Scott: Cheese, great big slabs of it!
Rich: I love fizzy cola bottles and loads of chocolate
Sean: I'm a Taurus and we love our food so I'll eat anything

Have you ever been to a posh dinner party?
Abs: I wouldn't know what to do. I went to this posh restaurant recently and there was all these knives and forks. I ended up copying everyone else
Scott: Places like that are pretentious, so I wouldn't go
J: I haven't been to one for years. I don't like going anywhere where people go just to look good. I enjoy dressing up though - I'd wear a nice suit.

Had any food fights recently?
Scott: We used to have a bit of a chuck around at school in the canteen. Usually it was with Jaffa cakes. They're great, you can frisbee them
Rich: I remember having a food fight with my brother. He flicked a pea at me so that was it. Suddenly peas were flying everywhere. We got into big trouble though 'cause they were squashed into the carpet.
J: We had one the other day when we were sitting around bored! It was just with bits of salad or something

McDonalds or Burger King?
Sean: Burger King's Whoppers!
Scott: I always said McDonalds before 'cause I never gave Burger King a chance. But now I have to say Burger King

When did you last go to the supermarket?
Scott: Saturday in Essex. I was buying some milk and a Twirl chocolate bar for my mum
J: I went about a week ago. It wasn't to buy loads of food, just little bits. We've only done a big shop together twice since we've been in the band.

What five things would you put in your shopping basket?
J: I'd put in some chocolate fudge cake, a carton of juice, some prawns, strawberries and a CD
Abs: A strawberry crumble mix yogurt, a box of cornflakes, a carton of milk, some fruit and whatever was in the special offers section
Sean: Two litres of pop and whatever nibbles I fancied at the time

Are you good cooks?
Scott: I can cook spaghetti Bolognese and sausage rolls. I love pastry - it's so tasty!
Sean: I can cook a few things but I'm not very good at timing. I always burn stuff especially in the frying pan and wok
Abs: The best meal I cook is lasagne. I've got a secret recipe - come round, I'll cook it for you... (we might just take you up on that!)

What's better: posh nosh or beans on toast?
Abs: Beans on toast with cheese definitely! Posh stuff is nasty and you only get a little amount! I'm always hungry
Rich: If I'm on my own watching TV, then beans on toast. If I was entertaining then it'd be posh nosh, but not too posh

Do you get emergency food pacels from your mum?
Scott: All the time. I stay at home with my mum more now 'cause I like it there but she makes me sandwiches and stuff 'cause she knows otherwise I won't eat
Rich: Whenever I used to go home my mum made shepherd's pie. I never used to get round to eating it so she doesn't anymore

Are you a cup of cocoa at bedtime sort of bloke?
Rich: I do like a cup of cocoa. Apparently you shouldn't eat cheese at bedtime as it gives you nightmares, but I do it on purpose so that I get exciting dreams!
J: I like cocoa. Usually I have to eat before I go to bed and I always take a pint of water or something too

If you snack in bed do you get up again to clean youe teeth?
J: Nah. I'm not getting back out of bed again. I can't be bothered
Abs: I don't either, so I have a furry tongue in the morning! (Eeuych!)

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