Face 2 Face

FACE TO FACE with Scott and Abs

Who's the best-looking 5iver? Who receives the most fan mail? And what on earth is so sexy about one of their eyebrows? We earwigged in on Scott and Abs...


Abs: One way to judge who's the most popular is by yhe amount of fan mail each of us receives. And, erm, I think it's me now. I've had loads recently.
Scott: (looking rather concerned.) Well, it started off that Rich had the most fan mail and then it was me, wasn't it?
Abs: Yeah, that's right...
Scott: If you came third in the fan mail stakes then J and Sean wouldn't get much, would they?
Abs: Ha ha, no, they'd hardly get any!
Scott: But now you've started getting loads, more than us in fact!
Abs: I'll tell you why. It's 'cos you and Rich just became a lot uglier...
Scott: Basically, it was because you started talking to the fans, Abs. You started being all friendly and stuff and now you get loads...
Abs: Yeah, but what about those spooky letters I've had?
Scott: Ooooh, yeah! Those ines that said they wanted to do horrible stuff to you...
Abs: Brrrr, it gives me shivers just thinking about it...


Scott: So why do you think you've improved so much in popularuty, Abs?
Abs: (looking all embarrassed) Aww, I don'know! Maybe it's an eyebrow thing...
Scott: Yep! That's it! It's an eyebrow thing! It's because everyone likes your eyebows. Somehow, in photos and stuff, you manage to raise your left eyebrow and all the girls go wild! (Pinching Abs' eyebrow.) Look at how it sticks out, too!
Abs: It's sticking out 'cos you just pinched it!
Scott: I just wish I had your eyebrows! Eyebrow boy!
Abs: Shut up! Anyway, people like you 'cos of your haircut.


Scott: (proudly) People do like me 'cos of my hair. It takes me ages to do though, doesn't it?
Abs: Do you know what my hair's called?
Scott: Erm, Steve and Andy?
Abs: No, it's called Andy and Steve, actually! Andy because it's cropped and people called Andy often have cropped hair, and Steve 'cos it's then slicked forward and Steves often have slicked hair. See?
Scott: Hmmm, I don't call my hair anything!
Abs: It could be called hedgehog hair, though.
Scott: I thought fans only recognised me for my hair so when I went out the other night I wore my baseball cap as a disguise.
Abs: And what happened?
Scott: Well, I was trying to have a quiet night out with my mates but these girls came up to me and said 'You're Scott from 5ive, aren't you?' I asked 'em how they recognised me with my hat on and they said, 'You've still got your eyes, darrrrrrling.'
Abs: Yes, you have blue eyes and dark hair - that's quite unusual, the girls like that...
Scott: And I tan easily, too.


Abs: I tan much more easily because I'm half-Turkish!
Scott: Nah,you don't. People think I'm Cypriot or Italian because I tan so easily!
Abs: You know I tan more easily - you get all yours from the sunbeds
Scott: (looking sheepish) Oh, alright. But I haven't been on a sunbed for ages
Abs: I could do with a top-up. I'm going to the Seychelles as soon as I get some time off!
Scott: Sssssshh! You're supposed to keep that sort of stuff secret when you're famous!
Abs: Oops! I mean I might go to, erm, Blackpool soon.


Scott: For some reason people think we look alike.
Abs: I know! It's mad I don't think we do. People say we sound pretty similar, though
Scott: (laughing) I know! I answered the phone the other day at our house and you dad thought it was you!
Scott: I'm going to start looking happier during photoshoots now - the girls like that!
Abs: Show me your smile. (Scott smiles his cheesiest grin) Nah, you don't want to smile like that. They like how I smile - sort of shy and stuff
Scott: How about this then? (tries a less cheesy, more sophisticated sideways grin)
Abs: Better. Bet you can't do the eyebroe raise, though
Scott: Hummph! (and with that Scott wanders off to find a mirror to practise his eyebrow-raising in!)

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