Flying 5ive

5ive wanna be at the top, and the five gorge guys think they\rquote re gonna be much better than some of the other boybands

We don't wanna hurt other boy bands, but we're gonna be a little bit better. That's what 5ive answer when I ask them if they aren't like all the other boy bands. One of the places where 5ive certaintly are different is in their style and clothes: - Others get told what to do, what to say and what to wear. We have our own style, it's ours and nobody elses. No-one tells us what to do.

But they not only have their style, but also their own music. They don't play the usual pop like everybody else. No, they call their music 'crediblepop' 5ive's first single is called 'Slam Dunk (Da Funk)' as most people probably know, and when Frikvarter talk to the flying lads over the phone, they're about to shoot the video for the second single 'When The Lights Go Out'. They did in just one day, and now they're editting it. And their album - which most people are waiting for - is out in April. They haven't decided the name, though. When Scott carefully says 'When The Lights Go Out', the rest of the band screams and shouts in the background and sounds rather displeased. Scott changes the answer: - We haven't found a name for the album yet, but it'll hopefully come soon.

5ive likes their own music, but after whole a day with 'Slam' played at least 20 times, they like to listen to something else. Some of the favourites are Babyface and No Doubt. Scott tells: - When I come home I don't like too much pop. But it can be both fast and slow tracks, it depends on my mood. They were in Denmark a couple of months ago and liked it: - We really like Denmark, there's a lot of crazy places to go. That's probably also why they wanna come back this year: - We are definitely comming back in 1998, but we don't know when excactly. First they have to be finished with the third single and the album. And when that's done, they've recorded a movie about their first year together. Their ups and downs. It's a serie in eight episodes on 30 minutes each. First it's gonna be showed in England and in the rest of Europe.

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