Full Name: Jason Paul Brown
Birthdate: June 13, 1976
Nickname :Just 'J'
Birthplace: Aldershot, England
Current Residence: Camberley, Surrey, England
Previous Residences: Canada, Germany and Warrington (England)
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5'10"
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Family: Mum, Dad, sister Donna
Hobbies: Music, ladies
Status: Single
Dream Girls: Kelly Brook and the lead singer of Destiny's Child
Distinguishing feature: Eyebrow ring
Sleeping Position: "I always lie on my front with one hand under my pillow and the other one tucked under me - for warmth!"
Sleepwear: Nude
Guardian Angel: "If I needed a guardian angel I'd go for Mr Blond from Reservoir Dogs."
Worst Quality: Short temper
Biggest fear: Not achieving his goals
Earliest memory: Nearly falling off a third floor balcony
Collections: Empty bottles of aftershave
Superstitions: Saluting magpies or it's bad luck
Fillings: 2
Most embarrassing moment: "Forgetting the lyrics to a song in front of 300 people at a music competition that everyone said I'd win - I came in third."
Worst haircut: Bowl cut when he was little
Previous job: Working in a warehouse
Heroes: His parents
Fave Smells: Girls hair after it's been washed, coffee, cinnamon
Fave Part of his body: Arms
Fave All Saint: Shaznay Lewis
Fave Season: Summer
Fave Music: Hip Hop
Fave Backstreet Boy: Kevin Richardson
Fave Clothing label: Phat Farm
Least fave part of his body: MidriffLeast
fave 5ive track: Straight Up Funk
Fave Film :'Dawn of the Dead' - it's nice and gory!
Fave Book :Valley of the Lights
Fave Food :Chinese
Fave Drink :Orange juice
Fave Spice :Absent Spice - he's not a fan
Fave Place :Canada and Sweden
Fave Boxers :Tight fitting. He's not into any particular brand but does own some Calvins.
Fave Hang-out :A club called 'East' in Sweden
Fave Accessory :His jewellery - ie. watch, eyebrow ring etc.
Fave Take-away :Indian and Chinese
Fave Cuddly Toy :A teddy bear which hasn't got a name - it was part of his 21st birthday present from his sister, Donna and it lives on his dressing table.
Least fave food: Caviar
Fave Romantic Moment :That would be telling
Fave Record Of All Time :Too many to mention
Fave Part Of The Female Body :Everything
Best Buy :His sampler for his recording studio
Worst Buy :Set of lockpicks costing 120
Worst Habit :Losing his temper
Worst Haircut :He had a bowl cut when he was little.
Worst Job ever Had :Working in a warehouse
Worst Record Of All Time :'Nothing's Gonna Change My Love For You' - Glenn Medeiros
Singing Since :He can't remember
When He Was 5 :He was a right little sod and used to get in moods - he once tipped a bowl of spaghetti over his head cuz he didn't want to eat it!
His Best Friend :Sean - he's more like his brother
Loves Girls Who :Have a sense of humour
Hates Girls Who :Use vulgar language
Top Footie Hero :Himself, of course!
Top Footie Team :Manchester United, but he doesn't get the chance to watch them very often.
Most Like To Meet :He'd have loved to meet Tupac
Musical Relatives :Both his parents are tone-deaf so he used to wonder if he was the milkman's son! Then he found out his gran used to sing.
Describes Himself... :Like a true Gemini I have loads of different sides. I can be the life and soul of the party and then next minute really quiet. I've also had a pierced eyebrow for 5 years.
Describes Scott... :At half past 3 on the dot every day, he goes completely mental.
Biggest Regret :Being horrible to everybody when he was 13
Has Rude Thoughts :Just about every second of the day...and he's proud of it.
Biggest Extravagance :He owns nearly every (nice) aftershave on the market and says his favourite smell is the smell of women!
Proudest Achievement :Producing his first demo
Monthly Mobile Phone Bill :40
Shares A Hotel Room With :Either Rich or Sean. He likes raiding the mini-bar and staying up all night with Sean.
Most Embarrassing Moment :Forgetting the lyrics to a song in front of 300 people at a music competition which everyone said he was going to win - he came third.
Strangest Place Ever Snogged In :The women's changing rooms in Marks & Spencer!
Maddest Thing Ever Done For Love :When he was 18 he had a relationship with a 32-year-old woman but he's still waiting to do something mad for love.
One Thing I'd Change About Myself :Scar on his right jawline


Sex :Top of my agenda
Love :Sometimes cruel, sometimes kind
Fame :Has its ups and downs
Sport :Often watched, hardly ever played
Music :Music is my life
Money :I love money, but I could live without it.
Politics :I check up on them every now and then
Women :Superb
Fashion :I never have and never will follow fashion. I wear what I want and what I feel comfortable in.
Drinking :My favourite pastime
Best Quality :I'm a very loyal and generous person.
5 Fave Things :1.Women - 2.Music - 3.Food - 4.Champagne - 5.Parties (with plenty of girls)


"Tear up a telephone directory? I just blew on one and I ripped it. That's how hard I am."

"We were performing onstage. I had these shorts on and no underwear. I did a high kick and you can imagine the view! I saw this girl's face and just started laughing."


He has 5 Grade B O-Levels and 4 GCSEs.
He was into Racquel Welch when he was younger.
He thinks Scott is 'Mr Cheesy Pop' - the way Scott is into chart music.
J used to be a bodybuilder and trained for 2 hours every day - he's still got a 16 inch neck to prove it and was at one stage, 15 stone!
All he ate while he was building up muscle was jacket potatoes, tuna and pasta.
He's the perfectionist of the band and gets annoyed with the others if they're not pulling their weight / mess up dance routines etc.
His parents bought him this thing which is basically a piece of elastic which goes around the waist with a white pouch at the front and felt mistletoe sewn onto it for Christmas as a joke when he was 13.
J gives great massages.:"I've been told I'm very good at it, so after I've been on a few dates -'cause I'm not into that one night stand thing - I'll invite them back to mine and get into the massage somehow. But I act all innocent like it's the first time I've done it."
He has rude thoughts in his mind every single second of every day!
If he had five minutes to live ...:Totally seriously, I'd spend it making love to a nice lady."
He first starting shaving when he was 12.He's not religious.
"I used to believe in God, but I don't anymore - but I do believe in spirits and stuff like that."
He used to go out with Spike from 911's cousin.
The first thing he looks at on a girl is her lips.
He can't stand looking at pictures of himself.
"I'd say I've only ever seen about three photo shoots that I've been happy with. I can't stand looking at the pictures afterwards because I think I look dead stupid in most of them!"
He's the tidiest in 5ive and he yells at the others for making a mess.
He shows his bum to fans.
"I did it about 5 minutes ago! There are loads of fans standing outside the studio, and I got bored standing there and waving so I got on a chair and pulled me trousers and boxers down. They all started clapping!"
He likes girls with deep, dark eyes and dark hair.
If he was on a deserted island he'd bring a CD player and CDs.
He's father used to be in the armed forces.
He once found $300 and spent all of it on sweets.
When I lived in Canada about 15 of us went to the roller rink and I was sat there kicking a few crisp packets around when I saw this bundle of notes. So I put it in my pocket and was saying to my mates, 'Can we go? Can we go?' and they were, like, 'We've only just got here.' When I got home I counted it and there was about $300, so I stashed it in my room and me and my mate used to take about $20 each day to school and spend it on sweets and ice creams 'til it ran out!"
He's half-caste and half-Jamaican.He's been naked in public.
"The last time was when I was in LA, I was just walking along and wanted to feel the sea breeze on my bits, so I walked down the sea and dropped my shorts. It felt great."
According to J, he's three out of ten on how attractive he is and on personality he's seven or eight.
J was suspended twice in school. Once for running into the girls'toliets!
He bathes at least twice a day.

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