Party of 5ive

How'd you lot get together, then?
Rich: We all met at the audition for the band and ended up drifting together.

So where did you get your very imaginative name from?
Abs: We had sheets of different names and it was always at the top of the list, but we somehow kept overlokking it.
Rich: Then one night eight of us went out for a meal and the waiter at the door said,'I've only got a table for five,' and we thought, 'What a good name'.
J: But it really hit home when we were in Denmark *What a great place* a couple of weeks later, sitting at this Chinese restaurant and a brand new Mercedes drew up outside and the number plate was just 'FIVE' . We were like 'Wow, that's it, then'!
Scott: Plus our manager Chris' hotel room number that night was 555...

Tell us about your first big night out...
Abs: It was the night we all moved down to Camberly in Surrey. We went down to a really nice pub for dinner, but, of course, they wouldn't serve us because Scott, Rich and Sean weren't 18.
J: Then the next morning we flew to Sweden at 6 a.m.

So you all live together, do you?
J: Yeah, we've got a house in Camberly. I share a room with Rich, Scott and Abs share and Sean's got one to himself.
Sean: I was the first one there, you see!

Tell us about 5ive's music...
Scott: Basically it's very street sound.
Abs: We're not a typical boy band - what you see is just us. We don't get told what to wear, or say, or do, we've got our own opinions, and that's what makes us a lad band, not a boy band!

So who's gonna be the li'l Stephen Gately/Nick Carter type?
J: I'd say it'd have to be Rich with his dazzling blue eyes...

What do your mates think of all this?
J: None of mine know! When I got the job I just packed the stuff and moved. But I did an interview with a local paper this morning, so they'll know pretty soon!
Scott: It's wierd - I suddenly had people I hadn't seen for years ringing me up!

What's the first 'popstarry' thing you're going to do?
Rich: Well, we're having a launch party at Harvey Nichols (AbFab designer store) soon - that's pretty ritzy, isn't it?

Have you been asked any embarrasing questions yet?
J: A Japanese journalist asked me what my farts smelled like, and I couldn't believe it - why would anyone want to know that?

Pop stars never own up to having girlfriends - will you lot?
Scott: definitely - We're very open. I've got a girlfriend, but it's a new relationship...
Abs: Yup, I've got a girlfriend, too.
J: I've been seeing a Danish girl for the last few months. *Nope not me, but I wouldn't have minded!* Sean: I haven't got a girlfriend.
Rich: Well, I'm totally single and very available!

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