Full Name: Richard Neville
Birthdate: August 23, 1979
Birthplace: Birmingham, England
Current Residence: Camberley, Surrey, England
Height: 5'9"
Shoe Size: Nine
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Family: Mum and Dad, older brother Dave (he's 27) and older sister Tracy
Nicknames: Rich, Ritchie, Posh, Smiley Five
Personality: Very soft, open, and emotional
Hobbies: Clubbing, music
Status: Single
Shampoo: Pantene
Underwear: Calvin Klein
Cologne: Davidoff Cool Water
Dream Girl: Michelle Pfeiffer, Cameron Diaz, Natalie Imbruglia
Dislikes :Big-headed people
Earliest memory: Crying about his parents getting divorced when he was 2
Hero: Batman
Instrument: Guitar
Biggest fear: Not meeting 'the one'
Previous Jobs: Burger van, his mum's pub
Previous Bands :Anal Beard - when he was 14. He says he couldn't get a girlfriend then as he used to wear dodgy grungy clothes.
Most embarrassing moment: "When we did our recording session in Sweden I was a little worse for wear after a night out."
Sleepwear: Boxer shorts
Weakness: Girls
Toast-topping: Baked beans
Place he would like to live: Cape Town, South Africa
Fave Insult: "Go away, you cretin."
Fave Perfume on a lady: Jean Paul Gaultier
Fave Smell: Strawberries
Fave Cartoons: Dungeons and Dragons
Fave Song: Linger by the Cranberries
Fave Sleeping Position: "I have one pillow for my head and one to hug. I lie face down hugging the pillow, with my leg up and over it was well."
Fave Music: Rock
Fave Bands: Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Bush
Fave Part of his body: Eyes
Fave Subject: Drama
Fave Hanson song: Mmmbop
Fave Book :The Adventures of Adrian Mole
Fave Food :Chinese, side breast of chicken in Kentucky Fried Chicken and pizza
Fave Drink :Champagne and tea (2 sugars)
Fave Spice :Baby
Fave Boxers :Calvin Klein
Fave Hang-out :His brother's flat because he doesn't have to wash up there.
Fave Accessory :His jewellery, all bought by family, so of very sentimental value.
Fave Take-away :Chinese
Fave Cuddly Toy :A teddy bear called Benson which a fan gave to him before Christmas. It lives in his bed sometimes and he hugs it when he's feeling a bit low / lonely.
Fave Romantic Moment :Yesterday and Valentine's Day 1996
Fave Record Of All Time :'Jeremy' - Pearl Jam
Fave Part Of The Female Body :He loves it all.
Least fave school subject: French
Least fave Part of his body: Nose
Best Buy :A Previa for his Dad and 'Tabs' sweets, 3p a pack - BARGAIN!
Worst Buy :Chips at his local chippy - they're nasty.
Worst Habit :Biting his nails
Worst Haircut :...can't remember... (he claims he never gets one)
Worst Job ever Had :He's never had a job he didn't enjoy.
Worst Record Of All Time :Mr Blobby
Singing Since :He came out of his mother's womb singing!
When He Was 5 :He thought he was Spiderman.
Loves Girls Who :Are girls
Hates Girls Who :Are dizzy, indecisive and turns him down (ha, ha). To be honest, he can't say he hates anyone and he never has.
Top Footie Hero :Anybody with the skill of Vialli and the stamina of Shearer - a bit like me really! (quote)
Top Footie Team :Aston Villa
Musical Relatives :Both my mum and dad were singers although they never made it.
Most Like To Meet :Sean Connery
Has Rude Thoughts :Approximately every 5 minutes. Sometimes he shares then and sometimes he doesn't.
Describes Himself... :Very soft, open and emotional
Describes Sean... :Definitely not soppy although he has his soft side too. He has strong opinions and there's no changing his mind.
Longest Kiss :It went on for hours!
Biggest Regret :A night in Sweden, walking home with some tramps.
Biggest Extravagance :A night in a 5-star hotel, Valentine's Day 1996.
Proudest Achievement :5IVE!
Monthly Mobile Phone Bill :Too obscene to print (quote)
Shares A Hotel Room With :Either J or he gets his own room. J claims he twitches and starts to snore like an old man at around 4am every morning.
Most Embarrassing Moment :When they did their recording session in Sweden and he was a little worse for wear after a night out.
Strangest Place Ever Snogged In :An alleyway with all the passer-bys looking on!
Maddest Thing Ever Done For Love :He borrowed 300 off his mum and took his girlfriend at that time to a 5-star hotel, brought her flowers, chocolates and treated her to a slap-up candlelit meal.
One Thing He'd Change About Himself :He's too impatient.


Sex :Yes please! I love it!
Love :Deep and it hurts, intense but worth it. If it's going to happen, you can't stop it.
Fame :Something I have always wanted.
Sport :Any chance to get my kit off!
Music :Life wouldn't be the same without it, in fact life wouldn't be life without it.
Money :The way the world is, you need it and it's nice to have, but I would rather be happy + poor than rich and unhappy.
Politics :A necessary evil.
Women :I'll never be able to work them out but I love them!
Fashion :I'm not a victim but I like nice clothes.
Drinking : I do it. But everything in moderation (ha, ha).
5 Fave Things :1.Music - 2.Being in the band - 3.Friends & Family - 4.Parties and going out - 5.Females


"I dreamt about Danii Minogue and myself being in a passionate clinch! I was absolutely gutted when I woke up!"

"We were waiting for our luggage in Schirpol Airport Amsterdam, and had been spotted by some fans and so were chatting to them and signing pictures etc. when I saw some boxer shorts that looked like mine, travelling loose around the luggage conveyor. I then realised that my bag had burst open and they were mine! To make matters worse this excited the girls who grabbed them and ran off. The problem is I can't remember if they were clean or not, I hope they were!"


If Rich was a girl, he'd go for J.
He had dyslexia when he was in school.
On girls he thinks the sexiest scent is Jean Paul Gaulthier.
The best piece of advice he has been given was "Keep on going, you can do it".
He reckons that he fell to his death in a previous life! "I had a recurring dream that I was falling off a castle. I'd see the ground getting closer, then it'd all go black. I don't know whether I was a knight or a peasant, but I was definitely around in the middle ages. Every time I go to a castle now, I get a funny feeling."
The first single he bought was 'Rent' by the Pet Shop Boys. He got it home, put it on the stereo and this song called 'I Want A Dog' came on. He went mad, walked 25 minutes back into town to take it back and then the people in the shop explained that he'd been playing the B-side!
His 6th birthday was really awful. His mum had made loads of effort with the food and decorations, but then they started to play some party games. She made him stand at the end of the room and all the girls had to line up along the wall to give him a birthday kiss!
The other lads think he is the sexiest onstage, doing pelvic thrusts like there's no tomorrow!
He wants to be known as Ritchie now, spelled with a 't' because "it's cooler that way."
People say Rich looks 10 times better in person.
If he had only a fiver left he would spend it on Cadbury's Boiled Sweets.
He sings in the shower at the gym. "I love singing in the showers at the gym! I'll be belting out a song without thinking about it, then I'll walk back to the changing rooms and everyone'll be like, 'Good voice, mate!'"
The first thing he looks at when he sees a girl is her face, legs, or bum.
He knows he'll get divorced one day. "I reckon I'll get married when I'm about 26, but I know without a doubt I'll end up getting divorced! I know what I'm like, I'll marry someone 'cos I fancy her like mad and think I'm in love, then realise I'm not after all and have to divorce her!"
He gets a rude thought about every 5 minutes.
He has a scar on his lip from trying to be Superman.
He ran away from home when he was 16.
"When I was about 16 I had a huge argument with my mum and I was being really cheeky to her, and she slapped me round the face, so I legged it to my girlfriend's house who lived about 13 miles away! I didn't go home for a week! In the end her parents phoned my mum and told her where I was!"
He once went to a nudist beach when he was 12 on a school trip to south of France.
His worst breakup was when he was 17 and his first love went to Greece and met someone else.
He changes his underwear every day.
His first kiss was when he was 11 at the cricket pavillion. "Everyone used to go there to snog - there'd usually be eight or nine couples lined up!"
He makes the tea at their house.
He has an average bedroom at the house.
A teacher caught him snogging in a classroom. "We were at this school disco one time, and me and this girl sneaked into a classroom for a snog. We were right into it when suddenly this teacher's face appeared at the window and he started banging on it and shouting! We pegged it back to the hall and our mates, and he was going mental trying to find out who it was!"
He likes sweet girls with a bit of mystery underneath.
He wants to be an actor and has a lot of experience from high school.
When he's angry he creases his eyebrows and scunches up his face.
If he was to change his name he'd change it to Reginald.

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