Full Name: Scott James Tim Robinson
Birthdate: November 22, 1979
Birthplace: Basildon, England
Previous Residence: Essex
Current Residence: Surrey
Height: 5'11"
Chest: 35"
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Blue
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Family: Mum and Dad, two sisters Hayley and Nicola
Nicknames: Spider (his long legs) and Curtains (his old haircut with long hair and a parting in the middle)
Best Mate/Friend: Scott Walsh
Hobbies: Basketball, Video games, skating, music
Worst Habit: Biting his toenails
Dream Girl: Alicia Silverstone and Gwen Stefani
First Girlfriend: Amy
Underwear: Calvin Klein Medium boxer shorts
Wildest fantasy: To be stranded on a desert island with four women he'd be in love with
Music: 80's pop
Snogging technique:"... you start pecking them on the lips, then you move slowly into a snog, then pull back and kiss their neck, I like that."
Guardian Angel: His grandmother "My gran died when I was about two and she's always been looking down on me. She's my guardian angel."
Best Quality: He's easy to talk to
Heroes: Michael Knight from Knight Riders and his Dad
Most embarrassing moment: "Anytime my hair isn't up to scratch."
Sleepwear: Boxer shorts
Distinguishing features: Appendix scar
Injuries: Broken fingers, broken thumb
Lucky charms: Mum and Dad, his bracelet
Fave Sport: Basketball
Fave Place: Florida
Fave Part of his body: His hair
Fave Spice Girl: Mel B (Scary Spice)
Fave Single from '97: Natalie Imbruglia
Fave Cologne: King of Shaves
Fave Perfume on a lady: Addiction and CKbe
Fave Actor: Michael J. Fox
Fave 5ive Song: Satisfied
Fave Song: Barbie Girl by Aqua
Fave Word: Fish
Fave Sleeping position: "I sort of cuddle the pillow underneath me - it's comforting!"
Fave Sight: Women
Fave Smell: Perfume on a lady
Least fave smell: Coconut, B.O.
Least Fave part of his body: His hairy legs
Least fave school subject: Maths
Fave Part Of The Female Body :Eyes and lips
Worst Buy :Meal for 2 with his ex
Worst Habit :Sleeping on the way to work, biting his toe nails
Worst Haircut :Curly perm when he was Peter Pan
Worst Job ever Had :Working in a burger van but he does love burgers
Worst Record Of All Time :'Doop' - Doop
Singing Since :He was 5 years old.
When He Was 5 :He used to dress up as the A-Team.
Loves Girls Who :Agrees to go out with him.
Hates Girls Who :Argue about anything and every and he doesn't like a pushover.
Top Footie Hero :He hasn't got a favourite footballer.
Top Footie Team :Arsenal
Musical Relatives :Both his sisters sing.
Most Like To Meet :Michael Jordan - his sporting hero
Has Rude Thoughts :He's always having rude thoughts - especially about all the female fans out there.
Describes Himself... :People say I make them laugh. I talk quite a lot too.
Describes Rich... :Very emotional. He's the model of the band and can also be quite shy until he gets to know you.
Longest Kiss :For 10 minutes...recently!
Biggest Regret :Meal for 2 with his ex
Proudest Achievement :Getting into 5ive
Monthly Mobile Phone Bill :135!!!
Shares A Hotel Room With :Abs. Both of them likes to go to bed earlier than the others.
Most Embarrassing Moment :Any time his hair isn't up to scratch
Most Famous Person He's Met :Michael Jackson - he was at an audition for Earth Song.
Fantasy Filling For His Sarnie :A nice bit of nutty bread stuffed with a load of Smarties, fizzy lemon Chewits. (He's got a severe sweet tooth and this is the only sarnie that can satisfy it)
Strangest Place Ever Snogged In :On the floor
Maddest Thing Ever Done For Love :Messed up a recording session in the studio by being upset over last girlfriend (now his ex).
One Thing He'd Change About Himself :His hairy legs and feet


Sex :Yes, if you have blue eyes.
Fame :"I Wanna Live Forever"
Sport :Basketball because football's awful.
Music :Don't get me started, I could talk all day.
Money :Hope to have lots of it very, very soon, so keep buying the records!
Politics :I'm a Labour man myself.
Women :Form an orderly queue please, no fighting ladies!
Fashion :I'm not a victim. I wear whatever's on the floor. I don't really have any favourite clothes 'cuz I change my mind a lot. But I really love trendy sportswear, like the O'Neill label.
Drinking :Stella - lots of it.


"If someone tells me I'm a good-looking chap, that's a good enough compliment. It doesn't happen very often, so I'm really happy when it does."


He used to work in a market selling bikinis.
His best sarnie filler would be his mate marmite.
He could talk the banana out of a gorilla's mouth!
Snogs, lads' night out, fans are among the things he value most highly.
People at school has always teased him about his love for acting and singing.
He couldn't go out with someone who didn't like a bit of romance and a giggle.
Scott's 18th birthday was a total nightmare. 5ive was on the Smash Hits Tour and everyone was there - Peter Andre, All Saints, N-Tyce, the lot. He had too much to drink and made a real fool of himself, even though he can't really remember what he'd done the next morning. Everyone thinks he went off with a young lady and didn't spend the night in his own room, but he did. And that's all he's saying.
He is a very fussy eater and eats only peas, beans, chips, burgers, pizzas, bacon sarnies with tom sauce, jacket spuds and that's it!
Scott was dyslexic when he was younger and didn't find out until he went to stage school and his teacher noticed. To hide his embarrassment Scott pretended he didn't want to learn and mucked about all the time in class.
When he was given an IQ test, they found that it was quite low for his age. Scott's best mate Scott apparently looks like Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys, and they call themselves Scott 'n' Scott.
His other friend Nicky Monk looks like Abs.
He's a very fussy eater. He only eats pizza, cheese, beans, burgers, and chips.
Scott has said he likes cute blonde girls with blue eyes, but now he sayz he likes cute brunettes with greeney-brown eyes.
If he wasn't getting enough attention when he was younger, Scott would headbutt walls and hold his breath 'til he turned blue.
Scott wants to get married and have kids when he's 22, or 24, and he's going to have two little girls, Remy and Courtney, and a little boy called Jordan.
It only takes him 10 minutes to do his hair because he sleeps with his spikes on and just has to redo the sides in the morning.
Scott sulks if he doesn't get his own way.
He sayz rude thoughts never stop entering his mind.
"I'm sorry right, but they never stop entering my mind - ever! It's constant. It can be anything. I'm sitting here now and I'm thinking rude thoughts! It's very natural and it's very healthy. I'm having rude thoughts about all you fans out there - and loving it!"
When 5ive had a recording session in Sweden, Scott's girlfriend broke up with him over the phone. When Rich came over to comfort him Scott tried to him cos he wanted to be alone. Because of this he's not on "Straight Up Funk." Scott was so upset that he wanted to die and when they all did a bungee jump he said to the guy "I don't care if the cord breaks when I jump." "I messed up a whole recording session in Sweden because my girlfriend finished with me. I phoned her and she was a bit off with me. I said, not thinking, 'What's wrong with you - don't you wanna be with me anymore?' and she went silent. I phoned her back later and she told me she couldn't handle not seeing me and all that, so I messed up the whole recording session. I was crying all the time - I burst the blood vessels under my eyes and I couldn't sing, so I'm not on one of the tracks in the album." He's been in love once, with his last girl.
Scott and Abs are the most romantic in 5ive.They go home to their parents a lot.
They also have the worst rooms in the house they live in with the rest of the band.He's the first one to get up in the morning. He won't put his hand on the bottom.
"Before we go on stage we all put our hands in the middle and go, 'Five, what you waiting four, if you wanna three etc,' but I just can't have my hand on the bottom!"
Scott goes out without underwear all the time.
He can fall sleep anytime, anywhere he wants.
He loves kids and babysits a lot.
He travels very light.
Before he joined the band he had long hair to his shoulders. Then he had it permed, because he played Curly in Peter Pan.
A man grabbed Scott around the neck.
"I used to go to this working man's club with my dad, and once I'd started being in a few adverts the guy who owned it, who was about 45, though I was a bit up myself. One night I was left in there on my own and he grabbed me round the neck 'til someone pulled him off! When I got home I had all these marks on me, so my dad called the police, but they'd gone by the time they got there. But the best thing is, he always reads the News of the World and our first spread was in it, so I know he'll have seen it!"
Scott was always in trouble with the police in his area, and they all knew him by name. If there was any trouble they would always go see him.
Scott gets on well with N-Tyce, All Saints, and Lene of Aqua.
He believes in angels.
Scott began singing when he was 5.
According to the other 5ive boys, "At half past three on the dot every day, he goes completely mental."
Scott sayz his friends and family think he's changing because he's in 5ive. "It really worries me that my friends and family think I've changed because I'm in a band. I know I'm doing different things to most of them, but it's the things around me that are changing, not me! I feel like I want to explain to everyone that I'm the same - I know I'm never going to change as a person, I'm never going to forget what it was like working on a building site or whatever. I don't think my best mate Scott quite understands, though - I think he thinks I don't talk to him as much as I used to. We used to go on all these walks and muck about together, or he'd come round to play cards, and now he's like, 'Do you want a game of cards?" and I'm like, "Yeah, but only one - I'm really tired and I've got to get up early for a photo shoot in the morning.' Or I'll be talking to all my other mates 'cos I don't want them to think I've got no time for them, or I'll want to spend time with my mum and dad - you know, sometimes I feel like splitting myself into 970,000 pieces! But I just really want everyone to know I'm still me, the same old Scott I was before the band ..."
Scott used to people, "I know I'll be famous."
He wishes he had nice handwriting like Abs.
He can't talk to people with bad hair.
"It may seem strange, but if someone hasn't brushed their hair, or they have a really bad haircut I find it difficult to talk to them! I can't keep up a conversation, I'm just thinking how awful their hair is." He has a hairy bottom!
"The first thing I remember was getting a little snail trail - you know, the bit under your belly button - when I was about 14. Have I got a hairy bottom? That's a bit cheeky, ain't it? But since you ask, err yes, actually I have!"
He loves kids and babysits a lot.He travels very light.
He almost didn't go to the 5ive audition.
"I'd been out late the night before and didn't feel too hot in the morning, but my dad woke me up and told me I had to go - especially as our managers were the ones who put Spice Girls together. But I so didn't want to go, so, 'Thanks Dad, I owe ya!'"
Scott went to Sylvia Young Theatre School, along with Billie Piper, Mel and Nicky from All Saints, and Baby Spice. When you're accepted it costs over 1,000 a term.
He says he saw a ghost on his 10th birthday, an old man with a beard.

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