Full Name: Sean Kieran Conlon
Birthdate: May 20, 1981
Birthplace: Leeds, England
Current Residence: Camberley, Surrey, England
Height: 5'9"
Weight: Ten and a half stone
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Dark Brown
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Nicknames: Gungi
Hobbies: Music, ladies
Status: Single
Dream Girl: Meg Ryan, Melanie Sykes, Sharon Stone
Biggest fear: Being poor
Distinguishing marks: Little scar under his chin
Hates: Cats
Allergies: Funny bed covers
Most embarrassing moment: Knocking over a table full of food at a party
Hero: Eddie Murphy
Person he'd most like to meet: R Kelly
Previous Job: Doing removals
Religion: Catholic
Fave Childhood toy: Bike
Fave Colour: Dark green
Fave Smells: Hairspray, soap, women, grass being cut
Fave Music: Soul R&B
Fave Artists: Martin Gaye, Jackson Five
Fave Part of his body: Lips
Fave School Subject: Music
Least fave part of his body: Nose and feet
Least fave food: Anchovies
Fave Spice :Mel B
Fave Place :Sweden
Fave Boxers :Calvin Klein
Fave Hang-out :Anywhere with soul music playing and with people I'm close to.
Fave Accessory :His keyboard
Fave Take-away :Chinese, Indian, everything really.
Fave Cuddly Toy :He hasn't got a cuddly toy as no one ever sends him one! (This is his ploy to get fans to send him some)
Fave Flavour of Crisps :Cheese & Onion
Fave Sleeping Position :Foetal position
Fave Romantic Moment :Being somewhere quite, miles away from noise and people. Getting to know somebody really well, and becoming close.
Fave Record Of All Time :There are too many songs that he loves.
Fave Part Of The Female Body :Mouth and eyes
Best Buy :First keyboard
Worst Buy :Cigarettes
Worst Habit :Having a messy room, and just leaving it.
Worst Haircut :He wanted to have dread locks but when he grew my hair it went all funny.
Worst Job ever Had :Paper round - it's slave labour.
Worst Record Of All Time :Something cheesy like Mr Blobby or Teletubbies.
Singing Since :He was 4 years old.
Loves Girls Who :Care a lot and are faithful, and stand by you whatever.
Top Footie Hero :Pele - I'm like him on the pitch, 'cuz I'm the best! (quote)
Top Footie Team :He likes watching footie, but he doesn't really support anyone.
Musical Relatives :His dad sings and plays drums, his sister plays guitar and his brother plays drums and DJs.
Most Like To Meet :R. Kelly
Has Rude Thoughts :Every time he sees a beautiful girl - about every 10 minutes.
Describes Himself... :Shy and emotional
Describes Abs... :Laidback but strong-headed. Sometimes he's completely silent other times he won't stop talking.
Longest Kiss :He's had loads of really long kisses but he's never timed any of them!
Biggest Regret :He doesn't really have any.
Biggest Extravagance :Having fun, drinking, and whatever.
Proudest Achievement :Winning Young Composer of the Year 1995 and Best New Tour Act of 1997 (Smash Hits)
Shares A Hotel Room With :Either J or gets his own room. He likes raiding the mini-bar and staying up all night with J.
Monthly Mobile Phone Bill :He doesn't have one and he doesn't want one till he's a little older. He thinks it makes him too available and sometimes people automatically thinks that's showing off.
Most Embarrassing Moment :Knocking over a table full of food at a party.
Strangest Place Ever Snogged In :In a field, on a hill, in the middle of the night!
Maddest Thing Ever Done For Love :Saved up his school dinner money everyday to buy her a present.
One Thing He'd Change About Himself :Nothing. He doesn't love himself, but he's proud and happy with the way he is.


Sex :Of course.
Love :Makes everything go right. It makes you happier and stronger. It is also hard to let go of it.
Fame :False, and just an illusion to make money.
Sport :Used to love football, running and mostly rugby league. Then I gave them all up.
Music :Is my life.
Money :Want loads of it.
Politics :Load of rubbish and uninteresting.
Women :Can't do with them, can't do without them.
Fashion :Not interested - I dress in what I like.
Drinking :Love it.
Travelling :The sights you see, the things you learn and the people you meet.
5 Fave Things :1.Writing music - 2.Listening to music - 3.Girls - 4.Being in the band - 5.Sleeping


"I don't like birds with skinheads."

"I would never be a presenter or a comedian."

"I get told off for picking the spots on my face and slouching!"

"It was a couple of years ago, but I'd this dream I was training with Arnold Schwarzeneger. We were doing all these huge weights and building up a right sweat! Was I as good as him? Of course - it was my dream!"

He wrote his first song at 9.
He hates anchovies and olives.
He'd most like to play Twister with a girl dancer!
He never leaves home without a change of clothes.
He musically admires R. Kelly, Jamirouquai and Seal.
The other lads claims that Sean is the laziest person any of them has ever met.
Sean's tough and northern on the outside but tender inside. On hearing that a 5ive fan was mugged of her autograph by other fans he said, "Noooo, that's awful." He got her address from a magazine and sent her a one off polaroid photo signed by all the band. What a sweetie!
He was still in school when he got into 5ive and had to get a private tutor but that didn't last very long.
He has rude thoughts about every 10 minutes.
Sean would never pose nude.
In the group, he's closest to J.
He doesn't change his underwear for up to four or five days.
He can't draw at all. "I don't know why, but I've never been able to draw at all. All I can do are stick men. Some people say they can't draw, but I really can't! I'm about as good as a two-year-old! Seriously."
The first thing he looks at on a girl is her smile and eyes.
He throws up a lot.
"I've probably thrown up in most places, really - in the street, on the way home, at school, at home. It doesn't really bother me - if I feel sick, I'll just throw up wherever I am. I can't help it. You always feel loads better afterwards, don't you?"
He likes deep, mature girls with dark, curly hair.
His girlfriends' parents never like him. "None of my girlfriends' parents have evern like me. They though I was a delinquent."
He's the messiest of 5ive.
If he had five minutes to live ...:"I'd make love while drinking a bottle of booze!"
He had a big afro when he was 11.
He won't use moisturiser.
I'm tired of people making me slap girlie creams on my face. This Australian make-up artist was trying to get me to use moisturiser. She kept saying, 'Your skin's dry. You'll get a bad shaving rash,' but I wasn't having it. Girls' stuff!"
If he only had a fiver left, he'd spend it on a R&B single.
Sean was always BA. "We'd always play at being the A-Team when I was a little lad and I always wanted to be a different character. But because I was the only black person in our gang they'd always go 'No, you're BA!'
His first song he wrote was when he was 9 and it was about wanting a bike for Christmas.
He's half-Turkish.
Sean chews on everything.
"The tie was purple but I ate it (on his school uniform). I chew anything material, plastic or paper, and sometimes I swallow it by mistake! Good job I've got short sleeves today!"
If his name wasn't Sean it'd be Germaine.

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