Sean: I sleep like a baby!

Scott: I cuddle the pillow underneath me. I like having a pillow between my legs.

Rich: I go to sleep in the same position every night. I have one pillow for my head and one to hug. I lie face down hugging the pillow, with my leg up and over it as well. It started when I was with my ex-girlfriend and we phoned every night to say, 'See you tomorrow,' or whatever, then one of us would say, 'Bye, hug your pillow' and that's how it started.

J: I sleep with my legs in the air, honest! (seriously) I always lie on my front with one hand under the pillow and the other one tucked under me - for warmth!

Abs: I'll lay flat down right, my hands will be under the pillow,and my legs are bent at the back. Squished against the wall.

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