That 5ive Feeling

What's your best quality?
Scott: I think I'm quite easy to talk to. It's wierd, actually - I get fans and friends of friends comming up to me and telling me all their problems. You know, really big thongs about how they were abused when they were little or that they're pregnant or something. I sometimes feel a bit awkward talking about things like that, but if they feel they can trust me, then the least I can do is chat to them about it!

What's your worst quality?
J: Probably having a short temper - that gets me in a bit of trouble sometimes. Really silly things just make me snap niw and again. I say things I don't really meanand freak out, then regret it afterwards. But the same stupid thing that made me mad could happen another time and wouldn't bother me at all! It depends what mood I'm in.
Abs: I walk away from things too much. Like, say I was in a car with someone and they were talking about something and i said, 'I don't wanna talk about that anymore,' and they carried on. I'd just get out of the car and walk off. That's happened a few times, and as I'm walking away I'm thinking, 'I should get back in that car' but i can't, so i keep walking. Once I got stuck on a motorway and my cousin was shouting at me out of the window, but i ignored him so he drove off and I was like, 'What do I do now?!'
Rich: I'm very, very impatient. If I want something it's going to happen right now - I just can't do with any waiting around. It really gets on my nerves!

What part of your body do you hate?
J: At the moment, probably round the middle. Before I joined the band I used to work train five or six times a week. I used to be realy muscly and I think I peaked at about 15 stone or somrthing like that. But since I've been in the band I haven't had time to train, so I'm carrying all this extra weight round the middle. It needs toning up.
Sean: It used to be my feet because I thought they were too big, but I don't think that now. It depends - sometimes I think I look alright, do you know what I mean? The other lads don't understand it - they go, 'How come you don't worry about the way you look?' and I just say, 'Well, I feel alright so I'm not bothered.' Sometimes I think I don't look very good, if I'm covered in spots or if my skin's all pale, but I always know why - it's because I'm tired 'cos I always stay out late and I work too hard!

Is there anyone you really miss at the moment?
J: My family, definitely. It's not so bad with my dad because he lives in Surrey so I can see him whenever I want, even though I don't get the chance very often. But I haven't seen my mum, my nan, my nephew and my sister since Cristmas. We're a really, really close family as well. I hardly even get to speak to them on the phone 'cos we're always travelling or trying to catch up on sleep.

When did you first shave?
J: When I was really young - 12, 13. I looked really old for my age, so I was the one everyone sent to buy cigarettes and beer from the off licence!

What's your biggest fear?
J: Not achieving my goals. It's always been my dream to produce my own music - I used to have a mini studio set up in my bedroom and I'd always ask for more equipment for birthdays and Christmas. I've been writing songs since I was about nine. I worry about the future a lot because I know I'd get really depressed if things didn't work out for me.
Rich: Not meeting 'the one' . I know it sounds sappy, but I really worry about not finding anyone. I'm finding it really hard to meet anyone at the moment and I could definitely do with having someone steady to care about and to care about me. I also think, 'What if I've already met her and I've let her go?' Oh, it scares me.

What would you have written on your gravestone?
Scott: It wasn't cheesy pop, it was good!
J: Probably something corny like, 'He lived life to the full', just because I've got so much I want to achieve and I don't mind going for it and suprising people. I did a bungee jump when none of the rest of the band would, and I'm well-known for doing stupid things - like, in the winter we were walking around a lake in the grounds of our hotel one night, it was freezing, and Scott or one of the others said, 'Imagine jumping in that lake,' so I jumped straight in for the buzz. There were an eight foot drop to the water, it was pitch black and it was freezing. I just did it without thinking about it.

Do you drive dangerously as well?
J: No, that's one of the things I don't do. I'm the safest driver ever. I'd hate to hurt somebody else and besides, those boy-racer types look like right idiots.

Do you believe in life after death?
J: Umm, I don't know because I'm not religious at all. I used to believe in god, but I don't anymore - but I do believe in spirits and stuff like that. I haven't thought of it for ages, so I don't really know.
Sean: I don't believe in anything, I just go along with it. I'm not bothered - if there is there is, if there isn't there isn't. I mean, I've thought about it like everyone has, but I don't know, I really don't know!

Who do you think is the best looking in the band?
J: It used to be much more clear when I first met them, because you see people differently when you don't know them. I used to say Ritchie, because he's the most obviously good looking, but I see him differently now that I know him - He's just Rich. We're all decent looking guys I suppose, but I think I'd still say Rich because of hie typical heart-throb hair and his blue eyes!
Sean: Ummm... We're all different types, I think. Which one would I like if I was a girl? I'm not answering that!
Scott: That's a difficult one. I'd probably say Rich, but we've all got different qualities, I'd say Rich is the cute one, I'm quite sweet - or so people tell me - J's really good looking and a bit of a hard nut, Sean's a bit of a geezer, and Abs is generally an allround nice 5iver!

If the world was going to end in one minute, how would you spend it?
J: (thinks for ages) If it happened right now I think I'd ring my family, because I haven't seen them for so long - and hope the line wasn't engaged!
Rich: I'd like to be with someone I really loved, like my mum, and just hug her and hug her!
Sean: I'd ring my mum, tell her I loved her and say, 'See you later.'

Do you go for personality or looks?
J: Personality. I can't be doing with girls I don't get on with just 'cos they're gorgeous. If I had to pick between a girl who was OK looking and I could have a decent conversation with, or an amazing looking girl who had nothing to say, I'd og for the first one - of course I would. I've been out with a really nice looking girl before - I couldn't even converse with her and she used to embarrass me all the time because she was so stupid!

When was the last time you cried?
Abs: Yesterday. I was really stressed out. I decided to go for a walk and ended up sitting on a park bench. I was about 10 minutes away from home and there was nobody around, so I sat there and had a cry, but as soon as I started crying it started raining and I was like, ' Noooooo! It can't get any worse!' By the time I'd walked home I was soaked, drenched and really depressed. It's just it it all gets on top of my sometimes, but I feel better now. I sound like a manic depressive, don't I?! 'When was the last time you cried?' Last night!'
Scott: Last Wednesday, actually! It sounds a bit sappy now, but we'd been away in Euope all week then we flew back into London Wednesday morning and were meant to be going home. But as we landed, our manager, Bob, told us to travel straight to Sheffiield for a gig. If we'd been prepared for it I wouldn't have minded, but because I was told at the last minute I got really upset and started crying. Poor Bob whipped the schedule out and was desperately finding when I could go home next.

What stresses you out, then?
Abs: Absolutely everything. Work stresses me out mainly. That's why it's good having a girlfriend - it's someone to talk to. I talk to my mum as well - She sorts me out. Sometimes I'd like to go back to normal again. None of seems worth it, then I wake up in the morning and think, 'Of course it is.'
Rich: I worry about the band, and what's going to happen next. I'm always worrying about the next single, or the next country we go to or whatever. I really want to try and judt live for the moment. You know, I always wanted to be famous and enjoy all the trimmings that og with it, but it's a lot harder and lonelier than I expected.

What's the worst thing about beeing a pop star?
Abs: Sometimes when I see my friends I feel like a stranger to them, and I don't like it at all.

How old do you think you'll be when you get married?
Rich: Ideally, I'd like to be withsomeone for a couple of years before getting married. I don't believe in this getting married after three months stuff. I always used to say I'd get married when I was about 28, but it's getting younger these days. Now I think round about 25, but I suppose you can't really say until you meet that person.
Abs: Oooh, I don't want to get married too soon. I don't know. I think I'd like to have kids in my 20s because then you're still young but quite mature, but the thought of getting married scares me, so I can't really answer that question.

Do you think you'll make a good dad?
Abs: Yeah. Big time. No, actually I won't because I'll probably spoil them so much. When they're little I'll give them everything they want - why not? I've got three little cousins and whenever I og into Hamleys I'm like, 'I want that, I want that!' I love buying things for people because to me money's just paper and life's all about having fun.

Are you a very generous person, then?
Abs: Yeah. Like, if I got a pair of trousers or a top or something from this shoot, I'd go round my cousins, and I haven't got a rich family or anything, and say, 'I've got a cool pair of trousers, do you want them?' And he'd be, like, all over the moon. My mum tells me to stop, but I can't.

What would you call your kids?
Abs: I don't know. I like kind of exotic names for girls, but I've never really given it much thought. I think I'd decide after the baby was born, you know - see what it looked like!

Where do you think you'll live when you 'grow up' ?
Abs: Somewhere quiet and away from everything out in the countryside. I've got a friend who lives right out in the sticks and there are trees, lakes and everything. I love going out there.
Scott: When I'm old I want to live in Florida. My mum and dad used to go there every year and I'd love to buy them a house out there when they retire. At the moment I'd like to stay in Essex for a while and then buy a flat in Tower Hill or the Docklands (trendy London 'gaffs'), so it's easy to get home and into town

What makes you sad?
Abs: Loads of stuff. I get sad when I see homeless people and I always give them my change. I get sad when I little kids with there dads - I think it's really sweet, but it makes me sad as well as happy! Sometimes I get sad when I see old men. I think, 'He looks nice,' then I get sad 'cos he's old. I don't like seeing people getting bullied - that makes me sad.
Rich: I can't bear seeing people upset. If someone's really sad, even if I don't know them that well, it makes me get really upset, too!

What do you daydream about?
Abs: I've been daydreaming a lot the last couple of months. Every now and then I just og into stare - people will be talking to me, but I won't notice. The other day I was daydreaming about the Oscars and I was standing right next to Jack Nicholson!
Rich: Awww, at the moment, lying on a beach. I could do with it so much. If I got to og away right now, I'd get off the plane and I'd be so happy I'd be doing star jumps round the airport!

Is there anyone you hate so much you'd like to punch them?
Abs: I don't dislike anyone enough to punch them. I think everyone's alright, everyone's cool. I'm not, 'I love the world' - it's just I haven't got any reason to hate anyone. And I'm not a fighting kind of guy.

What's the nicest thing someone can say to you?
Abs: Anything. If someone says, 'Your trainers are cool,' I'll be on a high all day because I've got these trainers that someone likes! Even if someone says my skin's looking good, I'll walk round all pleased with myself.

Have you got any photos in your wallet?
Abs:Yep. I've got one of the band, one of my girlfriend, one of my cousin Izzy, and this doesn't really count, but I carry a picture of my favourite car as well!
Scott: Yup. I've got a picture of my best mate, Scott, my sister and her boyfriend, Martin, my other sister - which reminds me I've got to get a picture of her boyfriend - and a group shot of me and all my mates which I had done when I left home. I've got one of my mum and dad at home, but I need to get one to carry around with me.

When are you happiest?
Abs: When things are bought for me - I love getting presents. I'm happy when I'm with my family and friends - and if one them's bought me a present, even better!
Rich: When I'm going out with someone! I'm really bored of hearing myself say it, but I love being in love. There's nothing nicer than being together - it makes me feel more secure about myself.
Sean: The sun, erm, parties, days off - even though I can't really remember the last day off we had. I like going abroad and lying around in the sun - That's when I'm really happy.

When did you first notice you had chest hairs?
Abs: I'm not sure. Actually I shave my chest! I have done for a while 'cos I don't want to look like my dad - he's so hairy, it's all over his hands, just everywhere. He should have been in Gorillas in The Mist! I started shaving my face when I was 13 'cos my aunt told me I had a bit of bumfluff on my top lip!
Scott: I haven't actually got that much of a hairy chest really, especially considering I'm a right hairy demon everywhere else! The first thing I remember was getting a snail trail - you know, the bit under your belly button - when I was about 14. Have I got a hairy bottom? That's a bit cheeky, ain't it? But since you ask, err yes, actually I have!

What's your biggest regret?
Rich: Nothing really. I mean, I could say I regretted going out with my long term girlfriend, Hannah - it was a really difficult part of my life. but it taught me something and I think that's what growing up's all about. I try to think about things before I do them so I won't ever regret anything. I'm not saying I'm really sensible or anything - I mean, I still do really, really stupid things, but I do know what I shouldn't do. Like, I'd really regret it if I left the band. Now you see, if I'd listened to my mum all my life everything would be alright. It's only now I see the sense in what she told me when I was younger - at the time I thought I was right, but boy, was I wrong sometimes!
Scott: It's actually one that almost happened - I nearly didn't turn up for the 5ive audition! I'd been out late the night before and didn't feel too hot in the morning, but my dad woke me up and told me I had to go - especially as our managers were the ones who put Spice Girls together. But I so didn't want to go, so, 'Thanks Dad, I owe ya!'

How would your schoolfriends describe you?
Rich: A lad. In trouble quite a bit. Likes girls. Disruptive. And totally mad at discos and parties!

Would you give up work to look after your children?
Rich: I'd have to say no now, but when I eventually have kids, if I had to give up work then I reckon I'd do it. I couldn't bear to have children and be as busy as I am now - it just wouldn't be fair.
Sean: I wouldn't have kids until I'm a lot older, and by then hopefully I'll have so much money I won't be working anyway. I wouldn't want to look after them all the time, though. I want to have kids when I'm older, but I wouldn't wan't to loose all my free time

If you could be anyone else for a day, who would you choose?
Rich: I'd like to be a woman - any old woman - just to see whit it was like! Other than that I wouldn't want to be anyone else - I'm really happy just being me.

Do you worry about life after 5ive?
Rich: Yeah, I get really nervous about it, but if I didn't go on to do a solo music career then I think I'd like to go into acting. I know I've got it in me - I might not be the greatest actor in the world, but I know I could definitely do it. I'll never be content in life, but you've only got to give it your best shot!

What makes you really embarrassed?
Sean: I don't like snogging in front of other people, me. I can't do it in front of me mates - I just can't. I get really embarrassed and I'd rather wait 'til we get home! I don't like seeing other people snogging in front of me, either - it's horrible.

What's your favourite smell?
Sean: (very long pause at this) Grass being cut. It's a nice smell, that - unless you've got hayfever,which I get bad at this time of year. It reminds me of Summer and being a kid.

Would you let anyone read your diary?
Sean: I haven't got a diary, but if I did it would just be what I was doing, all my appointments and that, so I wouldn't care if anyone read it. It wouldn't be very interesting for anyone to read 'cos it wouldn't be one of those deep, meaningful things.
Scott: I keep a diary, and I wouldn't want anyone to read it. I write everything from work stuff, to all my personal feelings. I always carry it in my bag with me so no-one will ever get the chance to read it!

Were you upset when Princess Diana died?
Sean: A little bit, yeah, 'cos she was a name that was always in the limelight. It was like if Michael Jackson had died or something. I wasn't devastated, though - I didn't cry. Why - did you?!

Have you ever nicked anything?
Sean: A few bits and bobs when I was younger, but I can't remember that - just stupid little things like sweets from Woolworths. I wouldn't do it now 'cos I'd be worried about getting caught, and anyway, these days I've got enough money to buy my own sweets!

What's the stupidest thing you've ever done after one too many glasses of fizzy pop?
Sean: I bet J 500 that I wouldn't drink for a week. That was ages ago and I did have a drink that week and he knows I did, but I haven't given him the money. I will if he asks for it - if he really wants it he'll ask, won't he?!

When did you realise you were famous?
Scott: You know, I think it only hit last week. We flew home expecting to see the usual fans at the airport and there were six policemen to escort us through! I remember following, Rob, our tour manager, through, thinking, 'Yup, we're properly famous now!' Plus at the moment you can't seem to open a magazine without seeing us lot in it!

Who's your hero?
Scott: My dad. He's a really cool dude. He's about 45, but he looks a lot younger. Actually, he came to pick me up at the airport the other day and all the girls were saying how much he looks like me. He's got he's hair in a crop and gels it - he's a bit of a stud, my dad! - and he dresses really nice. I like buying him fleeces and stuff to keep up the appearance!

What's the sickest you've ever been?
Scott: When I was 13 I rushed to the hospital with appendicitis and if they hadn't taken it out then, I could have been a goner! I was really, really ill. The stitches were really small when I went to have them out, but as they pulled them out it all sort of ripped open - it was really disguisting, and look at the size of my scar now! (It is actually huge!)

Which laydee would you most like to be stranded on a desert island with?
Scott: A while ago I would've said Alicia Silverstone, but I think I've grown up quite a lot since I've been in the band. Obviously I'm still an outgoing, nutty sort of person, but my views in females are changing. The type of girl I like now doesn't have to have blonde hair and blue eyes - she could have any type of look. I like them to be cute, but I'm not into that glamorous look - they just have to be my type!

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