Strange Things About 5ive

Did you know that

... Denniz Pop (their producer) died of cancer in August only 35 years old?
... Sean, J and Rich smoke?
... Abs hates smoke (see above)?
... They use glasses?
... (see above) Abs use contact lenses, Scott should use 'em for reading and Rich is short-sighted?
... Danielle is Abs' first girlfriend?
... Abs wants 2 or 3 kids?
... Scott wants 2 girls called Courtney and Remy and a boy called Jordan?
...When they're on tour J and Sean share a room,Scott and Abs share and Rich's got one for himself?
... Sean don't like girls with the same haircut as himself?
... Scott loves to get his stomach kissed *OK, I'll do it!!*?
... Abs loves when his girlfriend whispers in his ear and kisses it?
... Abs got a scar on his back-head, 'cos he fell off some scaffolding and split the back of his head?
... Rich's all time fave song is Pearl Jam's 'Jeremy'
... The song Scott auditioned for 5ive with is called "Nothing's gonna change my love for you" by Glenn Medeiros and it's J's all time hate song?
... J likes Iron Maiden (old rockers) quite a lot?
... Scott is obsessed with hair, both his own AND other peoples?
... Scott could talk the banana out of a gorillas mouth?
Now we're talking 'bout bananas (see above) Abs' two cocktalies is called Banana and Kiwi?
... Scott's best friend is also called Scott?
... Scott was once so tired, he started singing love songs in weird voices at a meet-n-greet?
... They once had to send Scott home, 'cos he was embarrassing the whole band (see above)?
... The only place Abs calls home is were his mum is?
... Abs lives in boxes (see above)?
... Abs would like to have a tattoo on his chest, 'A dragon'd be nice!'?
... Abs and Scott go home more than any of the others?
... J and Sean fall in love at least 4 times a day?
... Scott went to Sylvia Young's stage school?
... Rich and Abs both went to Italia Conti stage school, but they never met?
... Abs lied his way into stage school (see above) by saying he was a proffesional dancer?
... J, Sean and Rich all like older women?
... Rich fainted during the video shoot for Everybody Get Up?
... J collects aftershave?
... Abs sent a letter to Michael Jackson when he was 7 but he had never heard of stamps? *guess what happened!*
... J has 2 fillings?
... Neither J or Sean can lick their noses?
... Rich's worst insult is 'Go away, you cretin'?
... The last thing Abs broke were Rich's cap?
... J eats anything and everything?
... Sean is allergic to funny bed covers?
... Scott has 12 toothbrushes?
... When Scott was 13 his girlfriend dumped him by hitting him right on the kisser?
... Abs' friends have always called him Abs
... Rich's all time fave jacket is red and made by new designer Andrew Hilfinger?
... Scott's fave pizza is with cheese, ham and tomato, but according to Abs, Scott can't stand tomatos?
... Sean's dad is an actor?
... Rich's mum owns a pub?
... Rich helps his mum (see above) whenever he's home?
... J's eye-ring is hanging so low 'cos it once almost got pulled out
... Abs is scared of J in the mornings 'cos he sounds like Barry White (i.e. VERY deep voice)
... They were to appear on the big breakfeast (English morning-show) but Abs had been to a party at his cousin the night before and never turned up?
... Abs was late for a TV show (see above). The explanation: "I got abducted... by aliens!!"?
... Scott always orders 3 plain Hamburgers and a chocolate milkshake at McDonalds?
... 25% of their fans are boys?
... In the beginning Abs and Rich couldn't stand each other? (Now they're really good mates, though)
... The lads have decided to move closer to London?
... Abs and Scott lives with their families 'cos they live close to London?
... J, Sean and Rich still live together? (see above)
... Sean loves cows?
... Scott's idea of a laugh is to run down the street in his boxers or chuck water bombs out of hotel windows?
... Abs bigget dream is to make love in a coffin?

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