A Floating Palace

First Class accommodations were undoubtedly the most celebrated on Titanic and what truly established her majesty. The opulence was visible everywhere in the architecture and appointments. Moreover, such premier luxuries seemed without end. Titanic featured a gymnasium, tennis courts, a swimming pool, Turkish and electric baths, a dark room for photographers, kennels for First Class dogs, elevators (an innovation for the period) private enclosed promenades and nearly a dozen styles of Staterooms, all of which attracted attention and millionaire passengers. The Shipbuilder magazine commented, "Indeed everything has been done in regard to the furniture and fittings to make the first-class accommodation more than equal to that provided in the finest hotels on shore."

First Class public rooms were as well without compromise, where notables enjoyed passing their time. The First Class Smoking Room was one such area, along with the À La Carte restaurant, the Verandah Café, and the charming Café Parisien which was unique to Titanic. First Class passengers could relax for tea or coffee in the café, with the French waiters and ambiance. The First Class Lounge was also inspired by the French. In Louis XV style, it was modeled after the Palace of Versailles, and included a miniature statue of the famed Artemis of Versailles on one the mantelpiece above a fireplace.

Perhaps the most notable element of First Class however was the forward Grand Staircase. The center of First Class activity, the staircase was adorned at the top with a glass and wrought iron skylight. Generous polished oak included an intricate carved panel housing a clock surrounded by the classical figures Honor and Glory. The elaborate balustrade was also in oak and at the foot of the stairway was a bronze cherub statuette holding a lamp, leading to the First Class reception. Passengers would often meet in the Reception Room before a meal and of course did all in their means to look their best for all to see.

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