Some Words From James Cameron

"TITANIC" is first and above all a love story. The passion, the intamacy and the heartbreak one feels in watching a love story on film are created largely by the actors, but we help out where we can with the cinematography, set design and the other crafts. Of course music is the most important addition to the actors' work for increasing the emotional impact of the film.
James Horner's score for "TITANIC" is all I had hoped and prayed it would be and muc more. It deftly leaps from intamacy to grandeur, from joy to heart-wrenching sadness and across the full emotioned spectrum of the film while maintaining a stylistic and thematic unity. The music spans time, making immediate the actions and feelings of people 85 years ago with conventional period picture score, or the inappropiately modern and anachronisti "counter program" score.
James has walked the tightrope by using synthesizer, vocals and full orchestra to create a timeless sound which tells us that these people were not so very different from us. Their hopes, their fears, their passions are like ours. In the file I have tried to accentuate the universalities of human behavior, tather than focus on the quant differences between this other time and our own. James has done the same thing, bridging the gap of time and making these peeple seem so alive, so vibrant, so real that the dreaded event, when it finally comes, is terrifying in its authenticity.
And most importantly, he has made us one with Jack and Rose, feeling the beat of their hearts as they experience the kind of love we all dream about, but seldom find.
~James Cameron~

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